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~   Andrew Wyeth (via apoetreflects)

1st bookmobile in the U.S. Built in 1905 by the public #library of Washington County, Maryland http://ebks.to/XsyqOq
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Haruki Murakami’s illustrated The Strange Library - exclusive preview

A schoolboy pops into the library to find a book on taxation in the Ottoman empire – this is his first mistake. The quest for knowledge takes an unexpected turn in Haruki Murakami’s The Strange Library, published for the first time in English this December. 


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It’s Miniature Monday, folks!

Today we have eight volumes from Miniature Dictionary Publisher’s, Inc., published circa 1925.  The firm was operated by the Minkus brothers in New York City, and frequently published miniature volumes of well-known works and dictionaries.  These books were often used to advertise businesses like banks, hotels and department stores; the business in question would have its named stamped on the back of each volume it sold.  None of these copies are stamped; but the leather wallet binding and gilt-stamped titles as well as the pink-edged text blocks are characteristic of MDP Inc.  Another charming thing about these books are their bookplates—I have never seen a miniature bookplate before!  These books have a wonderful feel to them—their chunky shape and soft leather bindings make them seem almost edible!  Stop by and see them before I eat them today!

Various Authors. The Little Webster, Love and Other Stories (2 ediitons), The Arabian Nights Entertainments, The Golden Treasury of English Songs, Don Quixote, Paradise Lost, Hamlet and Macbeth.  New York: Miniature Dictionary Publisher’s, Inc. 1925.  Charlotte Smith Miniatures Collection, Uncatalogued.  Gift of Carol Kapell in memory of Paula B. Deems

Information on the volumes gathered from: Edison, Julian I.. Miniature Book News #90: 1996 September.  St. Louis, Missouri.  UNT Digital Library.

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-Laura H. 

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